Fredericks Reef is a small atoll with a large rock called Ridge Rock at the southern end, a sand cay called Observatory Cay and a lighthouse at the northern end. The reef is around 30km2.

The reef is located is some deep water and drops sharply to over 2500m on the western side. It forms a J shape, with the lagoon inside known as Anchorage Sound.

It is in the Coral Sea, over 220nm north-east directly from Gladstone.

The reef gets its name from the ship Frederick, which first reported sighting of the reef.

We have fished there a few times and have caught all the usual suspects. On good days, it is Wahoo Central with wahoo going that hard at lures that they launch themselves into the air.

The map to the left shows some of the depth contours in the area, in meters.

This reef is in an area classified "High Risk" for contagion of Marlin Fever. Therefore all stories, pictures and video from this area carry the same risk.


Fredericks Reef

Sailfish - Fredericks Reef 2006 Fredericks Reef  Super Seamen 2006 Fredericks Reef 2006 - Super Seamen

Sailfish caught and released trolling from a dory at Fredericks Reef.

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Out again to Fredericks Reef. Tuna overdrive!

In the afternoon we caught more yellowfin and dogtooth. Paul caught a 12kg coral trout. We anchored at the northern end of Saumarez Reef overnight and in the morning the wind was easterly at about 10 kn.

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Another Coral Sea adventure aboard Kanimbla. Reefs visitied include Swains Reef, Saumarez Reef, Fredericks Reef and Caulder Bank. Dogtooth tuna to 60kg, yellowfin tuna to 50kg, couple of wahoo up to 30kg, a sailfish and all the rest.

Thanks guys for all the pics.

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