Kenn Reef is an atoll about 10nm by 5nm, with a small islet called Observatory Cay. The reef is around 40km2 and is located on a submerged continental block, called the Kenn Plateau. This block rifted from Australia around 64 to 52 million years ago. The atoll is believed to be volcanic in origin.

It is in the Coral Sea, over 280nm north-east directly from Gladstone. To get there, we cross the Cato Trough which is over 3000m deep.

The reef was discovered by Mr. Alexander Kenn, Master of the ship William Shand, on her passage from Sydney to Batavia,

When we were there in 2005, there was the remains of a longliner on the cay. The fishing was excellent, with many large coral trout and green jobfish boated. A few marlin were sighted, and other pelagics such as wahoo, trevally and dogtooth tuna where also about.

The map to the left shows some of the depth contours in the area, in meters.

This reef is in an area classified "High Risk" for contagion of Marlin Fever. Therefore all stories, pictures and video from this area carry the same risk.


Kenn Reef

Triple Hook-Up - Kenn Reef 2005 Dogtooth Tuna - Kenn Reef 2005 Kenn Reef 2005 - Super Seamen

Triple hook-up trolling at Kenn Reef. One GT to Bruce, One brutal Red Bass to Richard, and a very solid GT to Dom

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During a relaxing night of fishing aboard Kanimbla at Kenn Reef, Harlock & Load tangled with this fine specimen of the dogtooth tuna species.

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Ten days of fishing mayhem on the Kanimbla. Reefs visited include Fredericks Reef, Kenn Reef and Wreck Reef.

One dory landed on the southern most part of Kenn Reef, Boulder Cay, which has the remains of a long-liner on it. Boulder Cay registered as 335 miles from Gladstone, hence the northern end of the reef is about 340 miles from Gladstone - a long way indeed.

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