Saumarez Reef is a large system of reefs (around 300km2) with cays at the south-west and north-east ends. The north-east cay has a lighthouse on it.

The reef is located at the edge of the Coral Sea Shelf, which drops off into the depths of the Cato Trough.

It is in the Coral Sea, around 180nm north-east directly from Gladstone.

The reef gets its name from Sir James Saumarez, who was sailing around the area in Flinders time.

The fishing is always good there, but sharks can be a problem. It also holds many barracuda, and most reef corners are named "Barracuda Corner". If you venture to the edge of the reef, you will be meet with the rampaging hordes of yellowfin tuna.

At least one "Cursed Bombie" has been encountered in the area.

The map to the left shows some of the depth contours in the area, in meters.

This reef is in an area classified "High Risk" for contagion of Marlin Fever. Therefore all stories, pictures and video from this area carry the same risk.


Saumarez Reef

Marlin Fever - Saumarez Reef 2003 Saumarez Reef April 2003 Saumarez Reef April 2003

Small black marlin catch and release, trolling from the Tub at Saumarez Reef. Fighting the fish was made all the more interesting by the 4-6ft waves that were coming at the Tub from all directions.

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Awesome weather at Saumarez Reef aboard Kanimbla

We were blessed with ideal weather for the first 5 days so we made a beeline for Saumarez Reef then took advantage of the conditions to fish some new ground. Some great captures were made and a big variety in which were a few surprises.

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As I sit back and look at the photograph from the top deck of Kanimbla on the Wednesday morning when, the ocean made the average bathtub look choppy, I wonder where the week went to!!!! Some trips are more positively overwhelming than others and, this was one of them.

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