Wreck Reef is an west to east running system. With West Islet at one end, Porpose Cay in the middle, and Bird Island at the eastern end. It is located on the same continental block as Kenn Reef, and is around 75km2.

It is in the Coral Sea, around 230nm east from Gladstone.

The reef was named by Mathew Flinders, who was wrecked there with some other boats for a time.

The fishing is good there and the reef is well remembered for its wahoo and yellowfin. Its also noted for the large number of birds in the area, with their nestes crammed into the two small areas of dry land.

The map to the left shows some of the depth contours in the area, in meters.

This reef is in an area classified "High Risk" for contagion of Marlin Fever. Therefore all stories, pictures and video from this area carry the same risk.


Wreck Reef

Wild Wahoo - Wreck Reef 2004 Bird Island - Wreck Reef 2004 Wreck Reef 2004
A hot Wahoo bite on the WIld Wahoo of Wreck Reef, Oct 04.
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Chris and Glenn take a walk and check out the wild life on Bird Island.

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Trip out to Wreck Reef aboard Cap Star, 2-9 October 2004

Coral Sea Chaos was the logo on our trip shirts but a more apt title would have been Wahoo chaos. You donít believe it till it happens to you. Sounds like a line that the editors push in the Penthouse Forums.

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